Monday, March 8, 2010

What is The Most Horrible Experience You've Had While Writing?

No I am not referring to computer does down and your book is due in 10 minutes. I am writing about the horrible experiences that you've had while writing.

Here is mine: I love writing, but of course I love my kids more. Bear this in mind.

My then 5 month old I just learned to crawl and "colour" I had just written out my outline, and had put it beside the computer so I could type it for reference. I prefer writing long hand before I type anything into the computer, so this is not something out of the ordinary.
Except budding artist found a black felt marker that my then 20 month old left on the ground... to this day i still have not figured out how this was accomplished but budding artist used the black felt pen liberally on my outline.
2 hours of work gone in a minute... sigh! never leave desk unattended.

Of course this is now funny, but after 5 hours of work it wasn't so funny back then. While not horrible in the grand scheme of things, writers look at things differently. Of course there have been worse but this is a blog, so I'll let your comments come out.


Wendy R said...

Loved your story but wonder if your writing is not another (maybe less demanding) child to cherish. That's how I feel about it. Its just that it takes a lot longer than nine months to finesse...But when s/he goes out into the wild wide world you feel equally protective, in my view.
My story involves oil paints, as at the time I was painting as well as writing. It was the way the two tinies laughed with each other when they saw the havoc they'd caused. And unfortunately they made me laugh, so for a while there was undisiplined chaos. No writing, no painting, no nothing...

Lynnette Labelle said...

Can't say my kids have done anything like that. Lucky for them. hehehe However, I did lose my outline when my USB key died. Now, I save things all over the place.

Sorry about your work, but maybe that little artist will make beaucoup bucks with his artwork once he gets a little older. ;) IF he does, make sure you tell him about this because he'll owe you. hehehe

Lynnette Labelle

James said...

ha ha cute story, but yes I had the "little sweetie" experience when my two flushed my USB drive DOWN the toilet!

I suspect everyone has these memories.

Eci si Cami said...

Wed her again I did not come out well written. I am beginner to bloggers and hope that little by little how to have a blog as acceptable! Yours is beautiful and I congratulate you for that ..... uh ...... Greetings and kisses your children!

Mystique1957 said...

Innocence is bliss! Hahahaha! My dearest Becca! Everything happens for a purpose. I am absolutely positive about it. This morning, my sister and I got up at 4 am because we had an errand to run(Yes! You read correctly-4 am) and our downstairs neighbor(we share a common parking lot)had parked so badly we couldn´t get out( my mom´s car is a Ford Fairlane! It is a yacht!) Then we learned that on Mondays the errand that we were to run cannot be done! You see? There was the rub!

JS said...

Mine was when in school and it was while writing my answer sheet. There were three sets: A, B ad C. I was supposed to do C and did B and submitted it. Nightmare!

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